My Love For The Long Sleeve Wedding Gown

Grace Kelly

My friend Elizabeth from high school recently got engaged! I am so excited for her, but what she doesn’t know is that her engagement has reintroduced my love obsession for the long sleeved wedding dress! I’ll never forget when I first saw pictures of Grace Kelly in her gown, all I could think was “that’s what a bride woman should look like”, she looked classy, graceful, beautiful, composed and sexy all in one. I realized at that moment that the beauty in a woman is how you hold yourself, not about how much skin you show.

I compiled a gallery below of some of my favorite sleeved gowns.

Elizabeth Taylor

Courtney Cox

Ivanka Trump

Nicole Richie

White Chocolate Label by Scott Corridan

I don't know what designer this is, but I LOVE it!

This dress is on

I don't know who the designer for this is, but I absolutely adore this ensemble!

Again...Love! Not sure who the designer is... :/

And were ending on Grace Kelly for good measure!

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4 Responses to My Love For The Long Sleeve Wedding Gown

  1. Lizard says:

    These are gorgeous! I need to come shop in the city with you asap! I had settled on a strapless Oscar de la Renta but now I’m torn! Love you V!!

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  3. farah says:

    very beautiful wedding dress especially in grace kelly’s dress. Love it so much ^^

  4. Tim says:

    hands down my FAVORITE gowns are long sleeved, and you don’t see enough of them!

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