Not a Recipe! Just A Delicious Healthy Breakfast!

I sometimes have to force myself to eat breakfast, but I have decided that because it is the most important meal of the day, I MUST eat breakfast! I am currently on a no gluten kick, as some of you know, celiac runs in my family, and although I do not have it, I have decided to try a gluten free diet and see if it gives me more energy, I will let you know my results! Anyway, this is my new FAVORITE breakfast…

2 slices of UDI’s whole grain bread toasted with a shmear of organic sweet cream butter

2 soft boiled eggs

salt and pepper as you like

Coffee, maybe 2 cups ;)

*Side note…I prefer UDI’s gluten free bread to regular bread, it is however a little more expensive.

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One Response to Not a Recipe! Just A Delicious Healthy Breakfast!

  1. Ed Kohorst says:

    Ask joe about the first time he had soft boiled eggs in southern germany…with me and his sister Kirsten…many years ago but he still fondly remembers…Ed

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