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I am a home cook and lover of all things natural and homemade! I am a strong believer that the food we eat should be natural and good for us! I despise processed foods and I do have a few rules I follow when I cook and eat, these are my rules, but you don’t have to follow these to make my recipes.

  • No processed foods
  • All meats consumed must be free roaming and GRASS FED! Vegetable fed means corn fed, corn fed is bad! Say it “corn fed is bad”.  They should also be antibiotic free. You should be able to contact the farm your meat is from and they should be willing to let you visit or answer any questions you have. For more info on this please read this.
  • All eggs must be “free roaming, cage free is not free roaming and can be very inhumane. The hens should also be fed NO animal byproducts.
  • I personally prefer wild fish to farm raised, however there is a lot of debate about the subject.
  • All fruits and vegetables should be organic and preferably from local farms.
  • All Cheese and Dairy products should be from humane producers, the animals who produce milk should be free roaming and fed no animal byproducts or antibiotics.

“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”
— Michael Pollan

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